Specialized Towing

These services as we said in the home page section are pretty much where all of those odd requests that we get, end up. So here you are going to find things like equipment towing. Towing large vehicles. Certain things that logically, you will not ever see on a repo truck. There is a couple of things that we thought would be nice that people knew about these services. Particularly the safety aspect of things. There is a reason why we use different types of trucks to provide different services. A lot of times we get clients that do not understand that and can get a bit frustrated. We want to help avoid that!

Safety First

The reason that we have to use these large trucks to tow certain cargo that would not seem to be so large is because, of the safety aspect. Normal repo trucks or even flatbeds maybe could tow that specific machine, but the problem is that there is no way that we are going to be able to load such a machine onto the truck. We know the limits of these trucks and to be honest the last thing that we are going to want to do is push those limits!

How Large of A Vehicle Can You Tow?

Speaking of pushing the limits. With the number of years that we have in the business, we have been able to define pretty much what kind of challenges we will take on and what we won’t. Obviously, it would be pretty boring on our part to create a huge list here of the things that we can or cannot tow. The best way that we can really find out is if you give us a call and you let us know what type of equipment or vehicle you need us to tow!

Equipment Towing

Plenty of industries rely on very large machines in order to be able to do perform their daily activities correctly. We have had the chance to work with a lot of people in the construction business and the agriculture industry moving their machines to and from different places. As we just mentioned we pretty much know exactly what type of machines we do take on and what others we would rather pass up. Give us a call and we can get these machines to you quickly!

Working On A Tight Schedule

If you need your equipment to be at a certain location before a specific hour give us a call or contact us quickly! Obviously, the best way to make sure that we can guarantee that your equipment will be where it needs to be on time is if you schedule the service in advance. If you are going to need recurring services from us give us a call. We can not only work out a deal that will allow you to save a lot of money on these towing services and flat tyre, but we can make sure that all of your equipment is there on time!