Insurance Accident

If you are in an accident the last thing that you want to worry about is if your insurance company is going to be able to cover the expenses. One quick way that you can solve a lot of your insurance doubts is to give us a call right now and ask! We can work with most insurance companies out there. We also, know all of the different deals that we make with insurance companies. So, if you call we can quickly walk you through what the process of getting your insurance company to work with us is going to look like!

We Deal Directly With Your Insurance

There are certain insurance companies that have really grown fond of our services. It is something that we truly appreciate and we feel very gratified that our work is being recognised. Now, as it pertains to you, if we get a call from your insurance company directly you won’t have to worry about a thing! All of the billing issues will be taken up with your insurance company and never with you directly. As we mentioned there are a number of insurance companies that reoccurring use our breakdown services, so who knows maybe we will find each other on the road.

Requesting Our Services To Your Insurance Company

As we mentioned already there are a lot of insurance companies that we have worked with, but we do not work with all of them directly. This process may take some doing, but what you can do is call us, and we will let you know how we have worked with your insurance company in the past. If you want to cross check that info with your insurance company directly then you are welcomed to do so. On our part, what we will want to do is do everything within our power to make sure that we can provide a quick tow truck service to you!

We Have Your Car

We have come across these issues where information between you and your insurance company is not passed along correctly and pretty much all you know is that we took the car from the scene. A lot of times what we do in connection with insurance companies is, keep your car until we get further notice from them. Other times we can let you know what shop they had us drop it off at. As we mentioned ideally when we work directly with an insurance company they should be the ones providing the right information. If that is not the case we can help out!

It Was Not Exactly An Accident

In the event that your insurance company does not want to cover the incident, you can give us a call directly and we can help you out. This happens with a lot of people that have their car breakdown and quite frankly don’t want to call their insurance company because they know that means wasting a lot of time just stuck on the side of the road. Do not worry we can help!