Flat Tyre

Flat tyres can really be one of the most frustrating things that can happen to you while out on the road. Plus, these days a lot of modern vehicles do not even come equipped with the necessary tools to be able to change a tyre out quickly. One of the main reasons that we decided to start providing this service was that we truly believed that this was a very common issue and it was sort of taken lightly. In other eras there where many good Samaritans that would stop and help out when they could. That has all sadly changed a bit!

No Towing Allowed

We want to tell you straight, we don’t want your car on the back of our trucks because of a flat tyre. To make sure that, we can actually fulfill that promise we went out and equipped a whole bunch of trucks in such a way that the staff that we send out to give you a hand will have everything that they need to be able to help you out quickly. There is going to be some differences between this service and the one that we provide to vehicles that are broken down. We really want to point that out!

Tyre Uber

This service is provided by a set of smaller trucks that we have roaming around the area. The idea is that even if you happen to have the necessary tools to be able to fix the problem on your own calling our services is still going to be the better alternative. How can we guarantee that? Well, we start out by letting you know a true estimate of the time that our guys are going to take to arrive at your current spot. For the most part, this will be around 10 to 15 minutes. We will change your tire out quickly and be on our way!

Affordable Services

Like with all of the services that we provide we truly have made a conscious effort to keep our rates as low as possible. We don’t want you putting yourself at risk at all trying to press on with a botched tyre or honestly trying to perform something that you are not certain that you can do properly. Give us a call at Canning Vale Towing, we will come help you and we can even bill you for the service at a later date. Because we also know that at times people don’t drive prepared for these types of problems!

Jump Start & Battery Problems

One of the other common issues that we have found people have is with a dead battery and a car that just won’t start. Again, like with the tyre issues, there are very few people these days that actually carry around equipment to be able to jump-start a car. If you are having this type of problem and you are having trouble finding anyone who can give you a hand, look no further our guys will be with you in no time. Find out much more details about our services.